Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque & Vital Cellular Repair Masque

I have been using Cellnique’s products on and off for the past few years. I do not use their whole range, just some of it. But I do my facial there every month because it is near my house. Today I am going to review 2 of their salon products. These products are not available off the shelf. They are only available at their Beauty Salons.

The Advanced Bio Renewal Masque is a clay scrub masque. It exfoliates dead skin to reveal a softer, fresher and healthier skin. It contains Bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and I think because of this ingredient, the masque smells like tropical fruit, a very pleasant scent. To use this masque, you just need to scoop up a reasonable amount onto your palm and mix with some milk cleanser (optional). The milk cleanser is to make sure the masque is not too thick and so that your jar of masque can last you longer :) My beautician thought me this. Leave it on your face for 10 minutes then wet your face a little or your hands and gently massage in a circular motion. Rinse off after that. On the instruction, it says that there might be a mild stinging and warm sensation on the cheek. So BEWARE for those who have sensitive skin. It works ok on me.
After the Bio Renewal Masque, I will normally follow with the Vital Celular Repair Masque. This masque contains marine botanicals and anti-oxidants. It is also enriched with potent nutrients of yeast beta glucan, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. To use this apply a thin layer on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rinse off. This masque is suitable for all skin type including post-operation skin.

Verdict 1: I like the smell of the advanced bio-renewal masque and I think it really serves its purpose of exfoliating. If use in long run, it really gives you a smooth to the touch complexion. The only thing I don’t like is the jar packaging. This product can last me for quite long but because it is in a jar, it is not so hygienic. I think for products in a jar, it should at least come with a spatula.

Verdict 2: The Vital Cellular Repair Masque gives me a very rich feeling. It feels very rich with ingredients and at the same time mild enough for all skin type and post-operation skin. My beautician told me that it can be apply around the eye area and also on the lip. I tried and it was ok on the lip but it made my eye tear when I apply around the eye area maybe because I have sensitive eyes.
These 2 products work best when use together. If you want to use the Bio Renewal Masque only, my recommendation is to follow up with a hydrating mask (any brand). And if you want to use the Vital Cellular Masque only, use a scrub (any brand) prior to this product for better absorption.

Price : Premium - Advanced Bio Renewal Masque (50gm) Price (N/A), Vital Cellular Repair Masque (50gm) Price (N/A)

Where : Any Cellnique Beauty Salon

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